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Open Rate for SMS



of SMS opened within 10 minutes



reduction of no-shows for appointments when reminders are sent through SMS


Source: Report CREDOC Study “Médiamétrie AFMM marketing par SMS” - Média metrics 2012


eSMSbox is now part of the j2 Global ® family, offering products and services to 11 million customers globally. Although eSMSbox is no longer available to new customers, we are still providing support to existing customers until the end of their contract. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.

eSMSBOX – The SMS Business Communication Platform

eSMSbox is Europe’s leading supplier of secure cloud based Marketing and Notification SMS platform for business. Out platform permits two way communication with clients, partners and suppliers in real time. It also manages “Stop / opt out” requests correctly so your company can comply with strict data protection regulation.

It can be managed through email or directly via the eSMSbox web interface and allows you manage of SMS notifications, reminders, alerts and SMS Marketing communication more efficiently and with improved results. eSMSbox lets SMS becomes a key productivity tool enabling revenue generation, costs savings and improved customer service.

eSMSbox - SMS via email

Features – As Easy As an Email

Automatic Management of STOP requests for SMS

Regulation requires the sender to provide SMS recipients of marketing messages options to block further incoming SMS promotional communications. eSMSbox manages these STOP SMS automatically.

Routing of Inbound SMS

Dynamic and/or keyword routing of SMS. Inbound SMS will go directly to the right recipient.

SMS Identifier Personalisation

Personalise your brand using a custom identifier so your customers can identify you straight away when receiving your SMS.

Confidential Secure SMS (SecureSMS©)

This gives the option to avoid SMS from being stored on eSMSbox servers for increased security.

Bidirectional SMS Communication

Allows real time send and receive communication with SMS recipients.

Long Numbers, Short Numbers and Identifier

eSMSbox gives you the option of sending SMS from long numbers (10 digits) or short numbers (5 digits) or using an identifier.

SMS Mailing

Your SMS mailings are fully customisable with recipient’s information.

One Way Communication
Personalised Communication to Multiple Recipients
Personalised Bidirectional Communication diagram-personal-bidirectional1



Integrate SMS easily and quickly to your existing business processes and applications including: CRM, ERP, email, etc.


Benefit from out STOP SMS management and routing options allowing you to differentiate your Marketing and Notification SMS.


eSMSbox uses secure server technology gicing you peace of mind for both security and reliability.


Communicate directly with more customers, users and patients to improve appointment attendance and customer relationships and see your profits increase.


Get ahead of the competition by conversing directly with potential customers.


Just as easy as sending an email.

I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding products. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Penny Thorpe,
DB Schenker

Secure SMS to Email

As Europe’s leading provider of business focused cloud SMS services, our mission is to deliver secure SMS to Email communication services.

Our servers are secure, physically and architecturally, encryption is widely used, users are authenticated, databases are protected, backup and recovery are implemented and regularly tested. We provide clients an optimal security environment for quality secure SMS to Email communications.


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